1-06 Hey Mom Look What I Can Do – The Babadook

Join your favorite queer hosts as they discover that reading a book can lead you to be Babadead! It’s another trip to Australia to visit with the unlikely LGBTQ icon, the Babadook-dook dook

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One Reply to “1-06 Hey Mom Look What I Can Do – The Babadook”

  1. I don’t know if The Babadook brought anything new to the table as far as a story (finding out a child’s “imaginary” fears are not so imaginary after all) but I thought it took a well-traveled concept and told its story really well.

    Random observation 1: That part where the mother briefly sees the Babadook (or at least its clothes) hanging on the hanger at the police station it reminded me of Coffin Joe from the José Marins movies (long black coat, top hat, and long claws/nails).

    Random observation 2: At first I thought her vibrator was a Wii remote. Maybe the slogan for that model is “Wii would like to play…with ourselves.”

    and finally number 3: I don’t know if this was intentional but the harsh lighting in the house and the dreary colors reminded me of the effects one experiences during long stretches of inadequate sleep. I wonder if that’s what they were going for. It reminded me of the ambiance in that movie The Machinist.

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