3 Replies to “Coming Up Next is Tallulah on Netflix!”

  1. Does anyone else love seeing Allison Janney and Ellen Page together? It’s cool to see it wasn’t a one-off thing in Juno, they just have great chemistry!

    So, to hell with Mrs. Ford, but also, damn Lu, how are you going to just use that baby like that? And do this to poor Margo? Mrs. Ford is terrible, but, I can’t even imagine my child missing and literally seeing it disappear on a train. Holy crow!

    Ughhh, with the kids in bad situations making me sad. Can the next movie be happy? That’s two in a row now y’all have made me cry on my couch.

    1. That is SO REAL about the sad movies! I wish we had better news for you but next week is going to be Some Freaks which looks super heavy. But! There is a bright spot on the horizon, in two weeks we review 47 meters down and no one is crying for those girls!

    2. Yes, love Ellen and Allison together! I’m glad to see they can continue the awesome chemistry as well.

      Regarding upcoming movie happiness…I will see if i can find us a funny/happy movie to review following 47 Meters Down. Feel free to make some suggestions if you have seen or previewed something on Netflix, Amazon or Hulu that you think might be worth exploring!

      Also, thanks for reaching out to us!

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