Episode 1-13 Get In My Belly! Some Freaks and 47 Meters Down

Instead of listening to us cry for a full hour over ‘Some Freaks’, we are also focusing on our next movie! What happens when you go shark diving in a crappy cage hung off a rusty boat? Exactly what you’d think! Your Queer hosts plunge the depths of the shark-hating thriller 47 Meters down!

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2 Replies to “Episode 1-13 Get In My Belly! Some Freaks and 47 Meters Down”

  1. I was pleasantly surprised by this movie. The first few minutes had me a little concerned. I thought to myself “Two girlfriends go on an ill-advised adventure after one of them gets dumped by their boyfriend and something bad is going to happen. How original.” I had flashbacks to several 1990s slasher movies and that was what I was initially expecting. That said, once the movie got rolling I was more into it. There were a couple of places where I actually cringed and said, “Oh god oh god oh god. No no no no.” One of those times was when the womans leg got scraped getting it out from under the rusty cage. Cringe! (Imitating Johnny Cash: “I’m gonna scrape, I’m gonna scrape my rusty cage…”)
    I usually don’t get that emotionally involved in a movie, especially watching it outside of a theatre setting.
    Although the movies aren’t very similar, I was sucked in to caring about the characters so much that I had the same, “Aw man, they’re under water. They’re FUCKED.” that I had the first time I saw the 1989 film The Abyss, which was the first “scary underwater movie” I ever saw. I think The Abyss also played on the whole “Don’t surface too quickly” thing by having someone do it and explode or something. I could be wrong, though. I haven’t seen the movie in years.
    So back to the film you actually reviewed. Good movie. Good special effects. Good twist with the hallucination near the end. I totally fell for that. Solid acting, too. I mean for a movie thats human acting performance involved mainly just a voice on a radio and two women in a cage I thought Moore and Holt did well. Incidentally, great name for a soft porn exploitation film. “Lust…Rust…and Steel! Two Women In A CAGE!” Coming soon to Cinemax After Dark.

    On a personal note, now that I’ve been privy to the “public pool” conversation, I keep picturing Irene in the shark cage with a cut hand and as the sharks approach one shark says to another, “Dude…never mind. She totally just peed out here.” To which the other shark replies, “It’s a delicacy.”

    Great show as always!

    1. Hey Kenneth, we’ve been thinking of ways to get listener reviews like these to a wider interested audience and decided to create a Facebook discussion group. You can, of course, still post wherever you want to, but more listeners may see it there. We will be officially launching it next week but are inviting you over in case you want to re-post some of your reviews there! The address is https://www.facebook.com/groups/UnicornBrigade/ We hope you like it!

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