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Season 3:

3-32 No Death No Art – Velvet Buzzsaw

Don’t be greedy, give art freely! Allen, Brooke and Anna get a little hoity and a lot toidy as they imbibe wine and explore the art world and its dark side as they discuss Velvet Buzzsaw, streaming on Netflix.

3-31 A Podcast For Less Than A Penny – From Dusk Till Dawn

Brooke, Allen, and Anna visit the Titty Twister to take down some vamps and deep dive the themes of From Dusk Till Dawn! It’s gore, monologues, control issues, and you know what for less than a penny as we take a queer look at a Tarantino classic!

3-30 Bruce Leroy Is Sho Nuff The Prettiest – Berry Gordy’s The Last Dragon

The Shogun of Harlem demands respect in this listener-supported episode! Listen to Brooke, Allen, and Anna talk about genitals (as usual), ear mites, and appropriation as we discuss Berry Gordy’s The Last Dragon, streaming now on Netflix.

3-29 – Blinded By The Fright – Birdbox


It’s a serious case of the blind leading the blind in our first show of Season 3! Watch Bird Box with us on Netflix and tune in to Streaming Unicorn to hear Allen, Anna, and Brooke name their birdboxes, discuss their thoughts on blindfolds, and lots of feelings!

Season 2:

2-28 – Zombs On A Train – Train To Busan

It’s zombie fest on our season closer! Anna, Allen, and Brooke wrestle with the hard questions like should you leave your loved one when they are bitten and would newspaper or poo better cover windows to hide from zombies? It’s Train to Busan on this week’s episode!

2-27 King Ding-A-Ling – Bad Boys

What ARE you gonna do when Allen, Brooke, and Anna review the 90’s classic Bad Boys! We also jump into the random topics of coming out, Allen’s frequent experience with murder scenes, the difference between bi and pansexual and baloney boobies.

2-26 – Take A Ride On A Stargate

Allen, Brooke and Anna tune in to Anna’s hot dog water boyfriend James Spader to discover what’s on the other side of the 1994 classic, Stargate, available on Amazon Prime. What candy would you take to the other side of the universe? What the hell is the name of the blonde guy in Street Fighter!? These answers and more on this episode of Streaming Unicorn Podcast!

2-25 – Gaywatch – Baywatch

Allen Brooke and Anna hit the beach for a dose of trans and homophobia in their send up of Baywatch available on Netflix!

2-24 Vendettas Give You Purpose – I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore

Allen, Brooke, Irene and guest John get in over their heads when they tag along with a depressed woman and her neighbor on a vendetta against people burgling their turts. We also talk about tub farts. All this and more in our review of “I Don’t Feel at Home in the World Anymore,” available on Netflix

2-23 Getting Hammered – Thor Ragnarok

This week we hammer down on Thor Ragnarok with the usual queer crew and special guest John! We also discuss our favorite Marvel Movies, try to figure out if Loki was getting it on with the Grandmaster, and interpret #GoldblumSounds.

2-22 Shark Weather – Sharknado

It’s tornado season and they’re full of sharks! This week, shots are fired at one of the most successful B moves of all time, Sharknado! In this one we should apologize to kimchi and Irene puts googly eyes on guy junks! Which will be more ridiculous, our banter or the actual movie? Tune in to find out!

2-21 Sleep All Day Party All Night – The Lost Boys

That hair! The glitter! This week your hosts review the movie with the original glampire! They may drink blood, but they look good while they do it! It’s The Lost Boys complete with sexy 80’s saxophone and secret gay agenda!

2-20 Live Vain Die Ugly – Crazy Bitches

It’s our queerest and most educational episode yet! We all know some crazy bitches, right? Well, if not, you do now! Your crazy bitches, Allen, Brooke and Irene along with guest crazy bitch, Anna, take a long hike while avoiding sexual entanglements, skin care products and stilletto heels all while reviewing ‘Crazy Bitches,’ available on Amazon Prime. Also, Allen and Anna become beards, we deep dive into phone sex, break down colorism, and destroy Allen with menses. The More You Know SWISH!

2-19 Backyard Daddy – Logan Lucky

It’s Hillbilly Oceans 11 as we review Logan Lucky this week! In addition to the usual queers we have guest host Anna joining us to talk about the movie, Literotica, and f’in SKYNET! Prepare yourselves becaues our country accents come out HARD in this one!

2-18 Basement Orgy? – Open House

This week your Queer hosts Irene, Allen, and Brooke take a look at the Netflix movie Open House. It’s water heaters that turn themselves off, strangely ornate but unlit basements, and the notorious Mr. Boots on this episode of Streaming Unicorn Podcast.

2-17 Meat Man – Mute

We’re baaaaaack! Your favorite Queer hosts return in a brand new season! In this one, we sing a lot of songs, say a lot of inappropriate things, and check out the Netflix Original Mute!

Season 1:

1-16 Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater – Landline

Our last show of the season is packed with goodness! We announce the winner of the contest and the new fan name, we discuss sex outdoors, our misspent youth, and sneaking out of the house as part of our review of the film Landline. Along with a whole lot of singing random songs and tons of laughter, this is one you can’t miss!

1-15 To Gay Marry or Not to Gay Marry … That is the Question – Do You Take This Man

Allen, Brooke and Irene get sidetracked this episode talking about megaladons, poly relationships, farting, coming out to your parents, casual racism, challenging bias, gay strip bars, lordess of the dance, lemons in armpits, and hot dog water. We also focus enough to throw birdseed when opposites attract and friend and family dynamics mingle in their next streaming movie review of ‘Do You Take This Man?’ available on Amazon Prime

1-14 Alcoholic Kaiju Attack – Colossal

It may look like a cute rom com with a kaiju but this bitch gets dark! Your queer hosts Irene, Allen, and Brooke are going big with their review of Colossal!

1-13 Get In My Belly! – 47 Meters Down

Instead of listening to us cry for a full hour over ‘Some Freaks’, we are also focusing on our next movie! What happens when you go shark diving in a crappy cage hung off a rusty boat? Exactly what you’d think! Your Queer hosts plunge the depths of the shark-hating thriller 47 Meters down!

1-12 Can you watch my baby? I”m just gonna…zzzZZZZ – Tallulah

Hearts may be poked when your fabulous hosts tackle their review of Tallulah, now showing on Netflix. In this episode, Brooke also talks about what it’s like to transition gender and Irene reveals how you can become her bestie and why you may not want to.

1-11 The Kinko’s Man Gonna Get Cha – Before I Wake

When both your dreams and nightmares become reality you find yourself pleasantly horrified! Your queercasters Brooke, Allen, and Irene become Dream Warrors in their review of Before I Wake available on Netflix.

1-10 It’s Just Another Manic Monday – Whatever Happened To Monday

You thought Mondays were rough? What if Monday was the only day you could go out into the world? Your Queer hosts explore what it is like for seven identical siblings, named after each day of the week, to survive in a population controlled world of the not so distant future. This week it’s What Happened To Monday available on Netflix!

1-09 Make This Movie Great Again – Bright

Fairies, Orcs, and Elves- Oh my! Join us on an alternate earth with your queer hosts critiquing Netflix’s biggest budget film to date, Bright!

1-08 Hot Tubbin’ With Momma

It’s family tragedies, secrets, and frolicking gay men as the LGBT film Akron falls under the critical eye of your queer hosts Brooke, Irene, and Allen.

1-07 Christmas With The Queers

Whatever you celebrate, Streaming Unicorn Podcast wishes you a wonderful and bright holiday! On this special episode, we share some of our favorite holiday memories. It’s a love in so grab your tissues and join us around the fireplace.

1-06 Hey Mom Look What I Can Do – Babbadook

Join your favorite queer hosts as they discover that reading a book can lead you to be Babadead! It’s another trip to Australia to visit with the unlikely LGBTQ icon, the Babadook-dook dook

1-05 Crazy Cannibal Ourobouros – Raw

In our next episode, Queers Allen, Brooke and Irene take you Down Under to review a coming of age horror story that illustrates why you should eat your veggies, why you shouldn’t give in to peer pressure, and why you don’t let your sister give you a bikini wax.  Join us for our review of “Raw.”

1-04 Two Men and A Butt Baby – Paternity Leave

This one is a doozy so do some crunches to get your laugh muscles primed. It’s a classic story of boy meets boy, boy builds life with boy, boy gets boy pregnant? Queers Brooke, Irene, and Allen review the indie film Paternity Leave that examines what happens to a gay relationship when one of the cis dudes becomes .. pregnant.

1-03 Soft Puppy Hungry Puppy – Gerald’s Game

Your queer hosts Irene, Allen, and Brooke take a trip to the countryside to repair their relationship. It all goes wrong when Irene would rather feed a stray, Allen is trapped on the bed, and Brooke is being creepy in the shadows. It must be our review of Gerald’s Game! Our review of Gerald’s Game includes discussion of sexual abuse, mental abuse, and trauma. Some listeners may be triggered so please listen with care.

Please excuse our audio problems on this episode, we got it fixed!

1-02 Are You A Wolf or A Lamb? – Boys In The Trees

Our second episode explores the angst of youth, coming to terms with the past, and learning to face fears of the future, all while taking a stroll on Halloween in “Boys in the Trees.” Your queer hosts Allen, Irene, and Brooke take a deep dive into this one and can’t seem to agree if this is even an LGBT movie or not or if the main character is named Cole or Corey! The second half of this episode includes discussion of sexual assault and trauma, some listeners may be triggered and should listen with care.

Please excuse our audio problems on this episode, we got it fixed!

1-01 Friends to the End – Cult of Chucky

On our first episode, your queer hosts Brooke, Allen, and Irene dissect your favorite plastic friend to the end in their review for Cult of Chucky. Streaming Unicorn Podcast takes an LGBT point of view on streaming movies!