Bonus Content for Lost Boys!

Hey Unicorn Brigade, as promised, here are the cringe-worthy pictures of Brooke as a middle schooler all decked out in her Miami Vice finery! It was 1988 and I was trying to pick up some fly honeys. Give a girl a break!

2-22 Shark Weather – Sharknado

It’s tornado season and they’re full of sharks! This week, shots are fired at one of the most successful B moves of all time, Sharknado! In this one we should apologize to kimchi and Irene puts googly eyes on guy junks! Which will be more ridiculous, our banter or the actual movie? Tune in to

2-21 Sleep All Day Party All Night – The Lost Boys

That hair! The glitter! This week your hosts review the movie with the original glampire! They may drink blood, but they look good while they do it! It’s The Lost Boys complete with sexy 80’s saxophone and secret gay agenda! Subscribe, rate, and review us at these podcast streaming services! Listen on iTunes Listen on

Crazy bitches need to get stitches

Join us Monday with guest host Anna Dandridge as we talk about the hot mess lives of a group of friends getting together at what they think is a cabin weekend getaway. Little do they know, these ‘Crazy Bitches’ aren’t going to live very long. Available on Amazon Prime.