Episode 1-15 Bonus Content!

In our episode on Will You Take This Man, we referenced a couple of things that really just serve to show how old Brooke and Allen are.  As promised, here they are:

1.) Sweet Pickles

Back in ’85 the sweet pickles bus was the hot shit.  I didn’t have it and neither did anyone I knew, but according to the magical talking television, it would have made me love my Mom more.  “I think it’s great! Sweet pickles is excellent!” is something Allen and Brooke have been saying practically forever.

2.) We got the camp name wrong, it’s actually Camp Nippersink but we also talked about another old-ass commercial featuring the now-infamous quack quack waddle waddle.

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Become Part of Unicorn Podcast History!

In our latest episode, we ask you what you want to be called!  Between now and the end of season one we will be listening to your opinions!  Unicasters, Podcorns, Cornies, or whatever else you decide, we want to hear from you!

Cast your vote by commenting on our website, Facebook, or Instagram! On episode 16, our last episode of season one, we will announce the winning name as well as big plans for season 2!

Thanks for listening and we can’t wait to hear from you!

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Bonus Content for Episode 1-12 – Tarnia and Irene’s reaction!

In episode 12, we offered up 2 pieces of bonus content! The first is the reference for Tranya which we called the Nectar of the Gods! Here’s the clip from 1966 Star Trek that we’ll probably be talking about the rest of our lives! *tosses head back* Bahahahahaha!

We also promised a shot of Irene reacting to our failure to ever stop teasing her about saying urine firemen. So, here it is!

Feel her disappointment!!!

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1-07 Christmas with the Queers – Yuletide Special

Whatever you celebrate, Streaming Unicorn Podcast wishes you a wonderful and bright holiday! On this special episode, we share some of our favorite holiday memories. It’s a love in so grab your tissues and join us around the fireplace.

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Episode 1-02 Bonus Content Guest Review

One of our listeners Kenneth wrote in with a really thoughtful and interesting review of Boys in the Trees so we decided to feature it here to share it with all of you! Thanks for listening and for sharing Kenneth!

First of all, Great soundtrack, at least for me but I guess part of me never really left the 90’s. Very appropriate that they used Rammstein in the scene where they’re riding around on their bicycles with the fireworks given the bands fondness for pyrotechnics.

As for the film itself, I agree with Irene in that it doesn’t come off as an overt horror film per se but it is definitely weird to the part of being subtly creepy. This is especially true in the scene where the man in white hosts the Day of the Dead ceremony. It certainly wasn’t scary and wasn’t really even creepy but for me it was one of the most memorable scenes in the movie. Something about it just grabbed me. I like to think they chose a Day of the Dead ceremony because the holiday is about remembering family and friends who have passed on, and I saw it as almost like a subtle clue to Corey that although he isn’t actually aware of it yet, his old friend Jonah has actually already passed on.

I definitely got the vibe that Jango was gay in a “He doth protest too much” kind of way and that’s why he (metaphorically) rides Jonah so hard about his perceived sexuality. I think Jango could have grown up to be the kind of guy who makes a fraternity pledge go down on him but tells him “There ain’t nothing gay about getting your dick sucked! You’re the one that’s gay for sucking my dick!” and says things like “Gays are disgusting! Anyway, let’s go paddle some pledges!” Denial is a powerful force.

All in all, I like the way the film starts out pretty reality based and then gradually starts to unravel into the surreal. However, I feel like this movie, even with its surrealism and its uncomfortable emotional situations, is really about growing up, which I think for most of us was in itself is an uncomfortable and surreal experience.

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