Bonus Content for Lost Boys!

Hey Unicorn Brigade, as promised, here are the cringe-worthy pictures of Brooke as a middle schooler all decked out in her Miami Vice finery! It was 1988 and I was trying to pick up some fly honeys. Give a girl a break! Please follow and like us:

Episode 1-15 Bonus Content!

In our episode on Will You Take This Man, we referenced a couple of things that really just serve to show how old Brooke and Allen are.  As promised, here they are: 1.) Sweet Pickles Back in ’85 the sweet pickles bus was the hot shit.  I didn’t have it and neither did anyone I

Become Part of Unicorn Podcast History!

In our latest episode, we ask you what you want to be called!  Between now and the end of season one we will be listening to your opinions!  Unicasters, Podcorns, Cornies, or whatever else you decide, we want to hear from you! Cast your vote by commenting on our website, Facebook, or Instagram! On episode

Bonus Video – How We Do It

We are recording more episodes of Streaming Unicorn Podcast and if you’ve ever wondered how we do it, this bonus video is perfect for you! We also give you a heads up for our upcoming shows! Please follow and like us: