Coming up next week on StreamingUnicornPodcast…’Do You Take This Man’

Anxiety, excitement, nerves, romance…all the maelstrom of emotions two can handle prior to wedded bliss…then throw in friend and family dynamics, surprises and more in next week’s review of Do You Take This Man

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Some Freaks is Up Next!

**Tire screetching noise** Update: If you watched this, we’re sorry!  If you didn’t, skip it!  We’ve changed plans for the next episode.  More info available here.

In our next podcast we take a look at Some Freaks which you should only watch if you have a whole box of tissues ready and a therapist on speed dial.

See it on Netflix and listen to our opinion on next Monday’s show!

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Raw is next on Streaming Unicorn Podcast!

Do you think you can handle the pressures of hazing, severely changing your eating habits and sibling rivalry? Well put your wits to the test by watching ‘Raw’ on Netflix and subscribe to our podcast to hear our thoughts next Monday!

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