Meet Your Hosts

Brooke T –

Brooke is a queer trans woman living with her girlfriend, their three kids, and two dogs. She is a board member of a statewide trans activism group and works professionally in management. She is a vocal supporter of BLM, trans and queer rights, and feminist rights. Raised on Freddy Kruger and HBO feature presentations, her favorite genre is horror, she is a student of various movie tropes, and is an avid comic book geek. You can reach her by email with comments, questions, movie suggestions, or just to say hey!

Allen S –

Allen is a fun fellow living with his husband, dog and cat in suburbia. He works in the energy industry as a natural gas analyst, trader and scheduler but lets his creative side show in his side hobby of baking custom cakes, cookies and other confections. Allen is an advocate for trans and queer rights and an ally for feminist rights. His movie genre of choice is Science Fiction, but horror is a close second and if the two are combined it’s a bonus! Allen is also an avid collector of all things Star Wars, Star Trek and Transformers which satisfy the geek in him. Feel free to drop him a line via email with salutations, comments, questions or movie suggestions.

Irene T –

Irene is the definition of middle child, even in her adult grown life. She’s also tatted, pansexual, half Mexican, and half cuddly sloth. She is a social worker, activist, and ally to many communities. Most issues she is passionate about are also shared by her fellow co-hosts. This self- proclaimed geek loves all superhero movies, comic books, and being scared in controlled environments. She watches all sorts of documentaries, has an interest in consuming everything she can learn about serial killers, and might be the coolest chick you will ever meet. Her cat, Chewbacca, definitely thinks so. Feel free to drop her a line, with salutations, comments, questions or movie suggestions.